Paralogoscope (2019), Video Installation, 24 min loop      

by Zakkubalan (Albert Tholen + Neo Sora)

Paralogoscope creates a continuity of logic where there is none, warping the classical techniques of the Hollywood Golden Age—unbroken realism and strict rules of spatial continuity—into an absurdist, cinematic Rube Goldberg Machine. Culled from a myriad of mundane advertising, industrial, and propaganda films that proselytize the self-made myth of America, these images cohere into a continuous, looping sequence: a perpetual cascade of meaningless action that leads nowhere and has no end.

All images courtesy of the Prelinger Archive.


全ての動画はPrelinger Archiveの許可のもとに使用されています。


2019.07.27 - 2019.08.18 Dojima River Biennale 2019, Osaka, Japan